ABS is finally here and it’s the LONG awaited launch of my new product! Three years in the making, SalonRestore is launching tomorrow.

I was at The McCormick Place Convention Center today with my distributor rep. Bill Coleman, owner of TempleClean, LLC. My product will be featured at his booth (booth # 3941 btw!) and I’ve got a nice little display, Keynote presentaion that will loop, and a big QR code where attendees can scan and enter to win a free bottle of .

See you at the show!!!

Update on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 07:39PM by Registered CommenterWelcome to Salon Restore!
Ah… the post-show glow! I’m sitting here at my desk just thinking about all the inaspiring and amazing things that were ABS America’s Beauty Show this past weekend in Chicago. The Stylist Choice awards, the Student Competition, the Web-Casts, the product launches, the hair extensions and line extensions, credit extensions, and, did I mention “HAIR EXTENSIONS”?! I’m thinking that there must be some very bald people somewhere in the world right now wearing t-shirs that read “sold hair for beauty purposes”. And to those wearing that hair, I say if you own it, then yes it is YOUR hair, fair and square.

Onward to the Stars!! As always we were dazzled by Kris Sorbie, Beth Minardi, autographs with Tabatha, clipper cuts with Ivan, and drinks with (sorry – I promised that I wouldn’t say, but you know who you are!). I mean, is it a show withOUT the stars – I think not.

As I sit here, humongous show bags by my side, I absolutly cannot wait for tomorrow to come so I can take all my new finds to the salon and try them out. I hope you are as excited as I am. Bye for now and as always, Peace, Love, and Keep it Clean,


The ever-changing Uptown neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side has just treated us to another high. Newly expanded Spoil Me Salon & Spa, located at 4668 N. Broadway, gives the area a much deserved turn for the swanky! Owner Adel is an extraordinary stylist with great taste, wonderful customer care skills, and a flair for the fabulous. Obviously, I was thrilled to receive an invite to the grand opening of her expanded and newly remodeled space. Working with design experts headed up by MiLo Design Studio, the salon and spa take up an impressive TWO store spaces including the much sought after corner space with chic corner entrance. The space manages to straddle that fine line between modern and fabulous and yet is still very comfortable and inviting. The new spa-side takes the style of the salon-side, with its funky chandeliers and exposed cool light compact fluorescent bulbs, and brings it into sheer elegance with colors and textiles that makes you want to put on one of their fluffy robes and sip a mamosa whilst cucumber slices adorn the eyes. The pedicure thrones are fit for the prince-or-princess and a large patterned overstuff sofa beckons you to grab your kindle and breathe deep spa-breaths of relaxation. I was also very impressed with the spacious massage room, the esthetics room, and the waxing room, not to mention the to-die-for private shower suite with river-stone floor, stacks of fluffy towels, and more lounge space so you can sit down to lovingly blot your gorgeous hair. But hey, why blot your own hair when you could finish up your skin or body care with a great cut and style. And, there’s a full line of TiGi cosmetics, which have long been a leader in professional beauty makeup, so you can look – and feel – like a pampered Hollywood star by the time you walk out. Adel, I wish you many wonderful years… thank you for bringing your amazing brand of style to Uptown! Success to you always darling!!


Remember the commercial for Neutrogena shampoo… you don’t use it every day but, as I recall, once a week or every once-in-a-while to get rid of certain types of build-up in the hair. The claim was that after using the shampoo you could go back to your favorite shampoo and it would work better.

This is precisely how I feel about bleach. For daily use, I use Salon Restore. It smells great and won’t alarm the clients that “cleaning products’ are being used – it’s pure magic after you take down that vivid red, or deep grey-coverage dark brown that leaves the shampoo bowl looking so horrid. And then at the end of the night, I give the sink and back bar a nice douse of Salon Restore and let the Stay Active Technology do its’ magic. But don’t get me wrong, I do use occassionally use bleach! About every other week I spray a bleach cleaner on the sink and I think of it in much the same way as that memorable shampoo ad. To me, bleach is the “something different” cleaner, ensuring me that Salon Restore is doing its best job in the days and weeks inbetween.


In 2003, while under contract with the San Diego based media and product development company that purchased the rights to my electric round brush, I thought it would be “fun” to keep on creating – the more the better. And while contemplating all that I wanted to (concisely) say about dry shampoo’s – which I LOVE – I thought back to my presentation that I called “Necessity Becomes Luxury”. Trite? Sure. But filled with some great stuff? Looking back on it all these years later – YES. I say that because many of the imagined products and product concepts have come to life, which is a very encouraging thing for a product developer. Not that I want someone else to “steal” away a great idea of mine, but it reminds me that the things I come up with are things that companies develop, sell, and that people do want, and that encourages me to keep on moving forward. I turn back to the pages of NCB now, along with some new fave’s, to bring you the following entry:

As a stylist, I love to see gorgeous blown-out hair. But the work that goes into that takes both time and effort. So why, after all that arm pulling and blow-dryer balancing, would you want to wet the hair and ruin all that work just because there is a little dirt and oil? Dry Shampoo’s are magic for just this purpose. Now, people who remember the product Psssssst! will remember a very basic spray-powder that was used for camping, sleep-overs, and other ‘water un-available’ purposes. The idea was great but powder floating out of your hair throughout the day was not. A few other ahead-of-their-time products came and went, most notably: Algemarin Dry Shampoo, Sebastian Dry Clean Only, Klorane Dry Shampoo powder, and Batiste Dry Shampoo. Some of these products are still made, some aren’t, and some of the companies that once made them now make others – a quick Google search will tell you more than I can ever hope to link to here! :)

I’m happy to say that time has been kind to dry shampoos, mainly because of new technologies and new formulas. Invisible corn, and other, starches have taken the place of talc, along with awesome new fragrances and smart packaging. My new faves include Shuga Leave-In Shampoo and Brocato Big Easy Volumizing Dry Shampoo – both are aerosol. Shuga makes a sweet little travel size with a firm cap because yes, accidentally deploying a bottle of this stuff in your luggage would be a waste and probably a bit of a mess. As a reward for reading thus far, I will reward you with my absolute favorite, not only as a stylist, but also as someone who doesn’t like to over shampoo but who is, myself, very oily naturally, and a product lover to boot. The one that I reach for most often is Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder. This stuff is the best. it’s non-aerosol and has a built-in brush. You simply extend the brush and give it a shake, allowing the shampoo to move from the lower container straight up and through the brush. Then you simply brush your head, your hair, even your hairline. The super fine powder instantly vanishes and your hair looks and feels CLEAN. And did I mention the scent? Oh my! It’s smells sh-amazing!! What’s more? The bottom chamber which holds the space-age product is clear, so you can see when you are low, and every box comes with… wait for it… a SECOND full container of the stuff, so when you run out you simply snap-on a whole new container of product and keep right on cleaning. It’s small size can be taken anywhere, so you can use it whenever you need it. The original white has NEVER gone powdery on my hair but they now also offer not only the neutral powder but also one for blondes and one for brunettes.

The bottom line is that you should always use what you love and ask a professional stylist before you drop any large amount of money. Also, ask if there is a return or exchange policy just in case. Everyone has different needs, wants, and preferences and I’d love to hear if you have a favorite dry cleanser that I have not mentioned!


I’ve been a bit troubled about all the “organic” talk that goes on in the industry, and there seems to be more all the time. For those who really work within the guidelines of producing organic products I do know that this is not only a real thing but also challenging to do. Organic farmers are subject to both Federal and State guidelines as well as on-the-spot inspections and rigorous paperwork for the government. To go one step further I’d like to define “Organic” as I know it to be: things grown that are free from chemical pesticides, both during the growing and after when the crop is ready for market.

With those things said, is it truly possible that we have so many organic products? I mean, it’s tough to create organic products, and in the beauty industry where we apply topical products, as opposed to eat them, is it even important for products to be organic? Going further, when a product says that it is organic, are they saying that it is 100% organic (this is what it seems that clients think) or are they saying that it “contains” some amount of organic materials blended into other ingredients that are NOT organic (this is more how it seems to me). And if the latter is true, then is it fair to say that the product is organic in the way that the grocery store or farmers market has to really go to a lot of work to say that something is organic. I don’t think it would be fair to put a few drops of organic material into hundreds of gallons of mixed product and then play up “Organic” on the label. Sure it contains organic something-or-other, but that’s a lot different than the totality of the product being an organic product.

Myself, I am very into reducing, recycling, free range, and supporting brands and companies that give to their communities or to charity (or both!). I am a bit less into organic since, to me, this does NOT mean that pesticides are not used, it just means that CHEMICAL pesticides are not used. I’m happy to try organic foods and learn about why they are good for me. Still I feel rather unsettled about talking to my clients about their need for organic shampoo. I’m just not quite sold on the whole thing.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a little love comes our way from owner and stylist Andrea Brewer of The Raw Salon & Spa in Burlington WI. Andrea shares with us: “SalonRestore is the ONLY thing we use on the chairs to get color off. (Because it’s the only thing that works). You saved my 3k chairs, almost 30k total!!”

Thanks Andrea and thanks to all our fans – we love you right back!! Happy Valentines Day, Matthew :)

For more on The Raw Salon & Spa, please check out thier website:


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