Red Wine Stains – The Salon Restore Secret!

Need an effective Red Wine Stain Remover? The Salon Restore secret is out!
Salon Restore Is an amazing stain remover for clothing, fabric, carpet, furniture, floors, or anywhere where you need powerful stain relief. The Professional Stain Removing Power of Salon Restore is powerful enough to get out even the toughest hair color stains, and it also gets out many other common stains too. Use Salon Restore on Grape Juice Stains, Blood Stains, Pen Ink and Sharpie Marker Stains and more. And because Salon Restore is bleach free and alcohol free it’s safe on colors and patterns. No bleach smell, no bleach hassle.

“The Wine Stain was over a YEAR OLD and it came right out of my sweater; I couldn’t believe it! Thank You Salon Restore!!” -Zack Bowen, Chicago, IL

Need the power of Salon Restore when you’re on the go? Try Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover for clothing and fabrics. This handy 4 oz. size is perfect at work, in the car, camping, or wherever you find yourself on-the-go!

Salon Restore is one if the most unique and best new salon products. And now you can have that professional stain removing power anytime you need it.
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Spray the stain with Salon Restore as soon as you can. Don’t worry if the stain is dry or if the stain is not fresh. For older or tougher stains, spray Salon Restore and use the coarse side of a sponge to work the stain back and forth. Then wash with the hottest water possible. DO NOT DRY (Heat from the dryer can “set” the stain so don’t dry until the stain is all out) If after washing you still see the stain, re-apply Salon Restore, scrub and wash it again.


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