Blood Stain Removal

Blood Stain Removal

For new or old blood stain removal, Salon Restore is simply amazing. Blood Stains start to fade on contact. And for Ink Stain Removal, Juice Stain Removal, and Red Wine Stain Removal, Salon Restore’s bleach free and alcohol free formula is perfect since you can use it on colors and patterns.

Blood Stain Removal Directions: Spray Salon Restore Quick Shot, or Salon Restore Miracle Dye&Ink Remover and watch as the blood stain removing magic starts to happen! Blood Stains will start to turn to a greenish color and then start to fade. Let Salon Restore work until Blood Stain Removal has occurred – between 15 – 30 minutes – and then wash with hot water and laundry detergent. Salon Restore works on fresh blood stains and on old blood stains alike!

Ink Stain Removal Directions: Spray the garment or fabric with generous amounts of Salon Restore Quick Shot or Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover from the front and if possible from the back and let product dry. Spray again, and again let dry. Then wash with detergent on hottest water setting possible (always consult the fabric care label and do not use hotter water temperatures than suggested). After washing, inspect to see if Ink Stain Removal has occurred to the degree that you want. If you still see the stain DO NOT DRY as the dryer will set the stain. Re-Apply Salon Restore again, let dry, and reapply once more before washing again with detergent.

Juice Stain Removal is quick and easy too! Simply follow the same directions for Blood Stain Removal and grape juice stains, as well as red wine stains can be safely washed away.

How can Salon Restore work so well? Simple! Salon Restore is formulated for the toughest salon dye stains. In the professional salon, salon dye stains are a constant aggravation. The revolutionary professional stain removing power of Salon Restore makes it easy to remove salon dye stains, and it works like magic on old blood stains for blood stain removal, for ink stain removal, and for the removal of juice stains, wine stains, and many other stains too!

Need the power of Salon Restore when you’re on the go? Try Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover for clothing and fabrics. This handy 4 oz. size is perfect at work, in the car, camping, or wherever you find yourself.
Salon Restore is one if the most unique and best new salon products online and salon products anywhere. And now you can have that professional stain removing power anytime you need it.

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