5 Best Ways to Keep the Salon Clean and deal with Haircolor Stains

Today’s salon is better than ever. Sure we have legal standards for disinfecting the combs, but what about our brushes, shears, blowdryers, and other ‘high touch’ and ‘high visibility’ areas?
In the list of ‘high touch’ I’d also include the styling chair, station, shampoo bowls and chairs and the back bar, and the color bar especially if exposed.  The station mirrors need to be as close to spotless as humanly possible too!

And then we get into the ‘high visibility’ areas of the entryway, front desk and guest services area, the waiting area and of course the product and product shelves and displays.  All important.

So what are the top ways that you can keep the salon cleaner?  Here’s 5:

1:  Clean as you go. That’s easier said than done, but after you dispense color and developer, do you put the tubes back in place? Do you close the developer cap and put it in order?  Try doing a little throughout the day and see for yourself how far ahead you can get!

2: Add 15 minute spaces once or twice a day on your schedule to “reset”- this is not a break, this is time to clean off the hair, put products away, and prep your station for the upcoming guests.

3. Talk about cleaning and cleaning best practices at your next all-hands staff meeting and let everyone share their ideas of how to keep the salon looking great. Trust me, it’s a LOT easier for people to follow some simple rules when they were part of creating them.  Then at the following staff meeting re-evaluate and talk about what’s working, or not working.

4. Slice the salami. Yes, I said salami.  We’re part Italian and my mother used to use this example to help us understand that any large job can be broken down into smaller pieces … and you don’t have to do it all at once. Do a little at a time until the big chore is accomplished. Cleaning out all the stations? Re-organizing the color? Try taking a “slice” at a time.

5. Keep cleaning supplies relevant to the areas they are for cleverly hidden. At the front desk keep some surface and glass cleaner for the desk and entryway. In the back bar area keep some shampoo bowl and seat cleaner and clothes so it always looks fresh and inviting.  And at the color bar, always keep some

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