SalonRestore is BLEACH FREE and AMMONIA FREE –

So how can it be better at removing hair color stains and other inks and dyes? This is what owner and colorist Matthew Scothorn and his chemists sought to figure out once and for all! After more than three years of testing and development we finally stumbled upon the solution. Salon Restore® is a revolutionary new product that’s designed to de-oxidize and break down any type of hair color stain on hard and soft surfaces, quickly and easily. Our Trade Secret ‘DyeSolve Technology’ is blended with the perfect amount of surfactant at just the right pH. Use SalonRestore® at your Station, Sink, Back-Bar, Color Bar, Floors, Tiles, Counter Tops, Trolleys and Carts, and now even on Clothing to remove your worst hair color stains. Even Stains that are weeks or months old can still be removed with SalonRestore®.
Today’s clients are very savvy – that’s why we, as salon professionals, have to be one step ahead of our client’s expectations. And now, with SalonRestore® , the Salon is better than ever… and that’s something your clients will notice!



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