Holiday Season is Here!

The Holiday Season is upon us, and soon we will service nearly all of our yearly clients, and do it in a six-to-eight week period!

It’s a High-View time for us so be sure that your salon is fit to show off!


And showing off the salon starts with Salon Restore Stain Removers and Daily Maintenance Products.

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For Hair Color Stains in the Salon, use Salon Restore Quick Shot, the original Salon Restore. Remove color stains from sinks, chairs, floors, counter tops and color bars, and even use to soak away color stains on brushes and clips.

For Hair Color Stains on Clothing, Fabric, Carpet, or Furniture, use Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover. Its’ Bleach-Free formula is perfect for all colors and patterns, Salon Restore ONLY goes to work on the hair color stain, NOT the color of the fabric!

For general day-to-day color stains and cleaning, use our All Purpose Wipes...simple, fast, perfect.

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Happy Holiday’s to you and yours from all of us at Salon Restore.

Salon Restore removes Sunless Tanner – and other – Summer Stains

Salon Restore removes Sunless Tanner – and other – Summer Stains

Salon Restore removes Sunnless Tanner Stains

Sunless TanningStains on your clothes are a summertime fact that we all have to deal with. But here’s another fact, Sunless Tanning stains, and other summer stains are no match for Salon Restore Stain Remover.
Directions: Simply spray Salon Restore Quick Shot or Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover on the Sunless Tanning stain and let it soak in for 5 – 15 minutes depending on the severity of the stain. Remember, Salon Restore is bleach-free and alcohol-free so it’s perfect on colors and patterns – bleach products just can’t do what Salon Restore does! For the worst stains, give it another spray before you wash, and then wash with the warmest – or hottest – water possible (check the care tag on the inside of the clothing). For dry-clean-only garments please let your favorite dry cleaners know about the stain and that you’ve already treated it with Salon Restore.

Sunless Tanners belong on your skin, not on your clothes. Enjoy the summer and be as bronzed as you want to be – Salon Restore will clean up those sunless tanner and summertime stains!

Fruit Juice stains? Kool Aid drink mix stains? Chocolate stains? Red Wine Stains? Salon Restore works great there too – on clothing, on furniture, even on the carpet or flooring.

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A Clean Touch is a Beautiful Touch

Salon Restore®  gives you the freedom to color with passion. And when hair color gets on your clothing, or your clients clothing, simply spray Salon Restore’s Miracle Dye and Ink Remover and the stain will wash out. It’s a special touch, a clean touch you might say, and an extra touch that you can offer your guests in the salon.

Miracle-Dye-Ink-Remover-for-Clothing-and-FabricAnd if color gets on the floor, on counter tops, or on furniture or sinks, try Salon Restore Quick Shot – the original – and easily remove hair color stains. In fact you can use Salon Restore to remover color, ink, dye, markers, red wine stains, blood, juice drink, drink mixes like Kool Aid*, and even for sticky adhesive and price striker residue – it get’s all that stuff out!

And because Salon Restore®  is Bleach-Free and Alcohol-Free it’s safe to use on colors and patterns; simply spray Salon Restore and then the next time you wash the stain will come out. Even if the stain is not fresh you can still get it out!

You touch every client with passion, now you can touch every client with CLEAN.

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*Kool Aid is a Registered Trademark of Kraft Foods.

Blood Stain Removal

Blood Stain Removal

For new or old blood stain removal, Salon Restore is simply amazing. Blood Stains start to fade on contact. And for Ink Stain Removal, Juice Stain Removal, and Red Wine Stain Removal, Salon Restore’s bleach free and alcohol free formula is perfect since you can use it on colors and patterns.

Blood Stain Removal Directions: Spray Salon Restore Quick Shot, or Salon Restore Miracle Dye&Ink Remover and watch as the blood stain removing magic starts to happen! Blood Stains will start to turn to a greenish color and then start to fade. Let Salon Restore work until Blood Stain Removal has occurred – between 15 – 30 minutes – and then wash with hot water and laundry detergent. Salon Restore works on fresh blood stains and on old blood stains alike!

Ink Stain Removal Directions: Spray the garment or fabric with generous amounts of Salon Restore Quick Shot or Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover from the front and if possible from the back and let product dry. Spray again, and again let dry. Then wash with detergent on hottest water setting possible (always consult the fabric care label and do not use hotter water temperatures than suggested). After washing, inspect to see if Ink Stain Removal has occurred to the degree that you want. If you still see the stain DO NOT DRY as the dryer will set the stain. Re-Apply Salon Restore again, let dry, and reapply once more before washing again with detergent.

Juice Stain Removal is quick and easy too! Simply follow the same directions for Blood Stain Removal and grape juice stains, as well as red wine stains can be safely washed away.

How can Salon Restore work so well? Simple! Salon Restore is formulated for the toughest salon dye stains. In the professional salon, salon dye stains are a constant aggravation. The revolutionary professional stain removing power of Salon Restore makes it easy to remove salon dye stains, and it works like magic on old blood stains for blood stain removal, for ink stain removal, and for the removal of juice stains, wine stains, and many other stains too!

Need the power of Salon Restore when you’re on the go? Try Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover for clothing and fabrics. This handy 4 oz. size is perfect at work, in the car, camping, or wherever you find yourself.
Salon Restore is one if the most unique and best new salon products online and salon products anywhere. And now you can have that professional stain removing power anytime you need it.

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Living in Color, By Matthew Sco

As a long time colorist, color educator, and now as the manufacturer of Salon Restore® Brand Salon Cleaning Products,  I love to share some of the best tips that helped me to achieve my dreams. I share those tips with you now
Q: “Why do the older stylists say that Filling is ‘complicated’ but they never really explain it to me? Rebecca B. , Sacremento, CA.”

A:  You know what Rebecca, they told me the same thing! I came to believe that the reason they never explained Filling is because they didn’t really understand it themselves. So I’ll tell you, and it’s very simple. Filling is simply replacing the missing underlying pigment. And there are only two times you perform a Filler, either 1: when you are coloring the hair three levels or more darker, or 2: When the hair keeps fading and won’t hold color. But don’t worry too much about example number 2 as the Demi-Permanent color lines of today can refresh the hair in a snap and minimize fading completely (my favorites include VeroChrome Creme Demi and the new Lumishine Liquid Demi). So, when a client comes in and say they are a level 9 or 10 blonde shade and they want to  go to a level 6 or darker. I would suggest first trying a Demi color so they can see what it looks and feels like to be darker and if they don’t like it you can let it fade out, shampoo with clarifying shampoo, and High Light right through it … And Demi Color typically doesn’t need a filler so as long as your formula is “rich” with warmth (gold, copper, or red) you can get good results. But let’s say you’ve already done that and they love being darker and want to be darker permanently. Once you Fill and Color the client permanently you and your client must understand that it will be permanent and not easily changed. As for the formula and technique, consult your color brand, but the general rule of thumb is to replace the underlying pigment of the level you want to go to, or one level lighter – the reason to aim one level lighter is to avoid the hair looking overly red or copper. So, if you want to Fill and Color and client to level 6, you will want to create an Orange Filler, Orange being the underlying pigment of level 7 (remember, think one level lighter than your target for the filler… if are going to a level 6 then you want to replace the underlying pigment of level 7 which is Orange, if your target is 5 you would use Red-Orange,  and if you want level 4 or darker, you generally use Red) When using Permanent color for the tint back, I like to use Permanent color for the filler too, as the dye molecules will better be able to lock in and work with each other.  Demi lines like to tell you that you can fill with them, and you could, but I suggest permanent color is the right choice. Mix your Filler formula with a 5 vol (if you don’t have a 5 vol. you may mix 10 vol. in equal parts with something like Joico’s H.K.P Protein Spray or another Protein or Porosity Equalizer). Important: Filler is not color, so don’t apply it like color. Apply the Filler formula thin and evenly, and then take a dry towel and blot off the excess – you want it to be so thin that in about 10 minutes the Filler feels dry on the hair. After that 10 minutes, you then apply your target color formula right on top – no real need to shampoo- just layer color on top of Filler and then process per normal timing for your color. And that’s it! Easy? Yes. I hope that helps and I thank you for your question!


Red Wine Stains – The Salon Restore Secret!

Need an effective Red Wine Stain Remover? The Salon Restore secret is out!
Salon Restore Is an amazing stain remover for clothing, fabric, carpet, furniture, floors, or anywhere where you need powerful stain relief. The Professional Stain Removing Power of Salon Restore is powerful enough to get out even the toughest hair color stains, and it also gets out many other common stains too. Use Salon Restore on Grape Juice Stains, Blood Stains, Pen Ink and Sharpie Marker Stains and more. And because Salon Restore is bleach free and alcohol free it’s safe on colors and patterns. No bleach smell, no bleach hassle.

“The Wine Stain was over a YEAR OLD and it came right out of my sweater; I couldn’t believe it! Thank You Salon Restore!!” -Zack Bowen, Chicago, IL

Need the power of Salon Restore when you’re on the go? Try Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover for clothing and fabrics. This handy 4 oz. size is perfect at work, in the car, camping, or wherever you find yourself on-the-go!

Salon Restore is one if the most unique and best new salon products. And now you can have that professional stain removing power anytime you need it.
Use code ‘WineInkBlood’ for a free gift with purchase.


Spray the stain with Salon Restore as soon as you can. Don’t worry if the stain is dry or if the stain is not fresh. For older or tougher stains, spray Salon Restore and use the coarse side of a sponge to work the stain back and forth. Then wash with the hottest water possible. DO NOT DRY (Heat from the dryer can “set” the stain so don’t dry until the stain is all out) If after washing you still see the stain, re-apply Salon Restore, scrub and wash it again.

Your ‘High Touch’ Areas

The power of touch…
In the beauty business it’s our magic tool and our best weapon. We touch people physically, mentally, and emotionally; many times even spiritually. And while we try to be as clean and sanitary as we can, the salon is a busy place, the day gets hectic, and our power of touch can turn into a dirt and germ spreading fiasco. In fact, cleanliness of the hands is one of the number one topics when it comes to the training of health care and hospital workers. True, we’re not working with solely with the sick, elderly, and other high risk people, but we could really take a page from hospital and health care standard best practices.
So what can we do?
Here, I want to focus in on what I call ‘high touch’ areas – the places where germs collect, where we touch frequently, and where, with our power of touch, we can make a difference.
First, and importantly, wash your hands.
Wash with Soap and Water, or use an Alcohol Based hand rub.
If you wear re-usable gloves, you will want to wash with your gloves on too.
Next, tackle your high touch areas – blow dryer handles, iron handles, brush handles, buzzer and trimmer handles, hand mirrors, knobs and pulls on your station. The easiest way that I’ve found to handle these areas is with Salon Restore’s All Purpose Wipes – they’re big, textured wipes that are bleach-free and perfect for all high touch areas; they lock onto dirt, color, and hair which keeps contaminants from flying into the air. For hair color stains on clothing try Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover, and for salon glass and salon  mirrors try the new 3-in-1 Desk & Display.
You can also use All Purpose Wipes on your carts, chair bases, light switches, door handles, and counter tops too!
Last tip – work from clean to dirty. Meaning, if you are going to give everything a once over, start with lightly dirty areas like cabinet knobs, move to your blow dryer handle and other tool handles, and finish with the chair’s base and footrest.  Once finished, throw the wipe away and then wash your hands.
Use Coupon Code: BOGOFM during the months of February and March 2016 and with ever order of Salon Restore All Purpose Wipes, receive a complimentary bottle of Salon Restore Miracle Dye & Ink Remover (please put both the All Purpose Wipes and Miracle Dye & Ink Remover in your cart, then apply the coupon code and the full amount of the MDIR will come off of the total). Limit 12 per customer.



For more, or to send us your favorite “salon best practices” please visit us at  If we use your tip we will send you a Salon Restore care package!

The 8 Steps to Successful Salon Client Service

The 8 Steps to Successful Salon Client Service
Effectively servicing each client takes a lot. It can take a lot out of you and leave the day seeming like a whirlwind of activity, running behind – or very nearly – and never having enough time to eat and take care of yourself.
But I’ve found a way to make the day better; to run on schedule and pace myself for each service: these are The 8 Steps to Successful Client Service.

Let me quickly just say that these steps really do work, but there is just one thing that you must do before the first client of the day arrives – you must review your notes and formulas for each client, what products they are using, circle or write down anything that you want to check in about, like that new brush they bought last time, formula changes, the date of their last visit, and any special supplies you might need for their services.   I like to use a client ‘traveler’ sheet which any salon computer system can print and which lists all of the above information. Also, check over the bowls, foil, color, products, as well as retail products, to see what’s on hand and what’s not. And check over your schedule to see if you have openings that you can fill by promoting treatments, color, and additional services your client may want. Also, check over your chair and station to make sure it’s clean and welcoming – I use Salon Restore brand products to wipe my chair and station and clean the mirror.



Step 1: Greet your client. Say ‘hello’, pour them coffee or whatever they might want to drink, and lead them back to your station. A warm welcome sets the tone for today’s visit.
Step 2: Consult. Review what the client would like, what you suggest, and if they are a regular client, review their current formulas and techniques – always look for ways to improve and update, unless of course everything is perfect in which case you are retouching the work. Drape the client with the needed rhobe/cape/towel.
Step 3: Shampoo and Treat. Explain what you are using and why!
Step 4: Perform the Service. Do exactly what you had talked about. If, once you get into the service, there needs to be some change, explain what’s going on and why there needs to be a change. If the change adds cost, it’s a good idea to mention this. Set the products used in the finish on the station in front of the client – keep it simple and put the products in order: protectant, fixative, finisher.  If at any time haircolor gets on the clients clothing or on yours, immediate spray some Miracle Dye & Ink Remover to insure that haircolor stains will come out in the laundry.
Step 5: Products. Don’t cringe! Selling is nothing more than sharing. You’ve already told and shown the client what you used today. Now walk up to the shelves and point out the products. Also point out promotions that are currently going on and sale items.
Step 6: Checkout. Make sure you have updated your traveler sheet with the services that you did and your notes from today.
Step 7: Rebook. Please take my advice. You want your work life to be as predictable as possible and you also want your client to get the time and day that they want. PREBOOK them for their next appointment; they can put it right into their smart-phone. We actually offer a $5 discount off their next appointment if they prebook it, even if they need to call and move the appointment. Either way, bring up the idea of booking with every client every time – they’ll appreciate and respect you for it.
Step 8: Notes. Before the day is done I fish out my traveler sheets from the desk and make sure any new notes are put into the system. When the desk is slow they can also do this for you but I prefer to do it myself since only I know what my handwriting means. If your software system offers an App for your phone or tablet, then put the notes in while the client is there if you can.
Congratulations on a an amazing day!  By knowing these 8 Steps of Successful Salon Client Service you can keep yourself and the salon clean and organized and have your clients coming back for many years to come.  For more on Salon Restore brand products, please click here.


New Hair Salon Product Website!

We are so pleased to announce our new and improved SalonRestore Website!

The SalonRestore Family of Products has been expanded and improved, with additional products and new kits of products available at special discount prices.

We’ve also added full e-commerce and shopping functions so you can browse and shop all in one place.

We hope you will enjoy the new site.

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