Quick Shot, Powerful Hair Color Stain Remover for Salon Furniture and Equipment 16 oz


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    Quick Shot – the original Salon Restore!

    Don’t throw it out, get it out! With SalonRestore® Quick Shot – the little miracle for your biggest haircolor staining problems and annoying color spills and drips. SalonRestore® goes to work on virtually any brand and type of hair color stain, allowing you to Spray The Stain Away.

    And now refills are easy with our budget friendly Liter Size – purchase separately or get our Saver Pack for the best value!


    Wipe away excess hair color with towel and apply Salon Restore using applicator. Let product sit for approximately one to two minutes and spray or wipe away with damp towel. For more serious stains, product may remain on stain for up to 12 minutes maximum. Repeat applications until stain is reduced. DO NOT USE ON SKIN.


    Test surface in inconspicuous area first as stripping of paint or finish could occur. If stripping occurs, discontinue use of product.


    Wash hands after handling. If product comes into contact with eyes or mouth consult a doctor or your nearest emergency room. If swallowed or ingested call poison control immediately. Store safely in a closed cabinet where children and pets cannot access. While using product do not touch or allow children or pets in the area. Never leave product over maximum timing. Store at normal room temperature. Do not mix with other cleaners or other chemical products.

    Created by Modern Life Products, LLC , Chicago, IL

    Find more stain fighting tips online at  www.ModernLifeProducts.com

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    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 4 x 4 x 12 in
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